News blackout

Posted: 2011/01/15 in Coping
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I used to be kind of a news hound. Gradually through the mid-oughties (that’s what I call the decade 2001-2010), I stopped. I dropped my subscription to U.S. News & World Report (they’ve since gone out of business—sorry, guys, but I had to do what I had to do), and I hadn’t watched the local or national news in ages anyway. I stopped watching Wall Street Week and Washington Week in Review, and I stopped using Yahoo’s portal because they insisted on showing me news headlines. When I’m really feeling ragged, I avoid coffee shops where they have NPR news on.

The funny thing is, I still seem to generally know what’s going on. Not the details, but the big picture. I don’t get triggered as often, and I have more emotional and spiritual energy for the path of love right in front of me.


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