Posted: 2011/01/26 in Metaphors

Why do I say “path of love?”

The Bible often uses “path” as a metaphor for the course of life. Different people are on different paths.

Paths have different destinations. Jesus spoke of a broad path that leads to destruction and a narrow path that leads to life.

“Path” implies that others have gone before.

“Path” suggests travel. We leave the very familiar behind and we encounter new and sometimes unexpected things when we travel.

The “Path of Love” has all these. Not everyone is on it. It goes to a different destination than other paths. It’s possible to stray off of it, and get back on it. Others have gone before. There will be surprises.

  1. I like this.
    We in love we do indeed leave the “familiar behind”

    i think you like a couple of my posts

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