Walking in love and being correct

Posted: 2011/02/28 in Politics, Stories, What's this about?
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When it comes to the recent heated debates about public-sector unions and budget bills raging in several of the United States of America, I find myself in a sort of no-man’s land.

I’ve been encouraging my friends on the Right to look at what’s really in these proposals and think for themselves, rather than just following their natural reaction against anything that the Left is for. From them I’ve gotten mostly silence.

I’ve been encouraging my friends on the Left to stop talking down to people on the Right, calling them idiots (or worse), and then wondering why those same people don’t come over to the Left’s positions or vote for the Left’s candidates. Today, I really got blasted for it.

I am sorry to offend you—but I’m beyond caring if you agree with me or trying to “win people over to my side.” If you don’t get whats happening by now and the far-reaching implications to EVERY citizen of this country—then you might as well be one of the jack booted thugs that will be part of the next wave.

I agree with this person’s political position. I believe that they’re correct. But they’re not walking in love. They didn’t listen to me well enough to understand what I was really saying, and then they hit me with deeply hurtful language.

As for me, I’m going to avoid them for a while, while we both cool down, and I’m going to continue to walk in love. I understand they’re tired because they’ve spent a lot of time in large crowds, marinating in sometimes inflammatory sights and sounds (an explanation). As for their inexcusable and self-defeating behavior, I’m going to call it that, but I’m not going to hold it against them. I appreciate their passion. I’m going to continue to seek their good, whether they deserve it or not. And I’m going to continue to seek to advance their cause, even though attitudes like theirs make it harder to succeed.

Walking in the path of love requires a certain degree of stubbornness.

One can be correct, yet so far off the path of love that it’s heartbreaking.


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