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Consider the possibility of human-caused climate change with serious consequences.

Consider the possibility of the return of Jesus Christ.

There’s evidence for both. The evidence isn’t of the single proof-point variety. It’s in patterns in the past, and in predictions, and prophecies. It takes an open mind to see it, and a courageous mind to consider the implications for very long.

Overstatements and failed predictions by true believers have emboldened and hardened the scoffers. The more level-headed believers admit they don’t know exactly how it will play out, and that has emboldened and hardened the scoffers, too.

By the time the evidence is sufficient for the scoffers, it will probably be too late.

What used to be the focus of our lives, even as believers, will no longer matter.


My church has joined in a year-long discipline to read the Bible daily, using a reading plan called “Eat This Book” which goes all the way from Genesis through Revelation, with a daily Psalm.

The summer of 2012 is a time of heat and drought in my region. Coincidentally, the reading plan has us passing through the prophets, who preached and wrote to the Hebrew people during their Time of Icarus—the destruction of their already-divided nation at the hands of first the Assyrian and then the Babylonian empire. The prophets heard from God why these things were happening and warned the people to repent, literally, to turn around, before it was too late.

I haven’t heard directly from God like a prophet, but I find my own thoughts and prayers influenced by them.

Sovereign Lord, may Your purposes for the present drought be accomplished, both in the hearts of those who are children of your Kingdom, and those who are not. May my heart, and our hearts, be soft and not hard, that we may learn what You have been trying to teach us, and return, or turn, to Your path of love with a deeper and clearer understanding of what that is all about. May Your purposes be accomplished quickly and fully, and may You in Your mercy, which is new every morning, soon relent and send rain. I ask this in Jesus’ name, meaning that this is how I believe He would have me pray. Amen (so be it).

Dear <name removed for confidentiality>

In regards to your inquiry of 2/5/2011 regarding the brief reverse disparity in air temperature between Texas, USA, and Minnesota, USA, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Our observations show that the self-correcting “Airmass Modification™” feature of our product, Earth 2.0, specifically the Weather and Climate module, have already corrected the problem. We hope that you are now satisfied and will continue to enjoy the many benefits of Earth 2.0. But we doubt it. (more…)